Debate MS

Middle School Debate This course will be taught like the High School Debate, with similar expectations. The difference is only in the topics, which will be chosen to better suit the student’s interests and abilities. When a student is trained in articulating an argument, they will find that it aids them in all their studies, from history to language arts, and even science. The debate is considered one of the great arts and was taught in most schools until recently.

for middle school TBA


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Lawrence Lane

Lawrence Lane has had almost twenty years of teaching experience and has been with SchoolPlus since 2011, where he has taught Advanced English, Debate, and SAT preparation. He has been with Virtual SchoolPlus since its inception. He has taught all grade levels, mostly in East Brunswick Schools but also in schools in the surrounding towns in Middlesex County.
Lawrence Lane was admitted to the New York Bar in 1989 and practiced law for 23 years in New York. He currently has a Bachelors (1984) and Masters (1985) in American History, and a Masters in Information Science (2014), aside from his Juris Doctor (1988).