Latin indeed? Nonne vere latina?

Yes, yes and yes - Latin at School-Plus !

The study of Latin is unlike any other language program. What school kid wouldn’t be fascinated by all-powerful emperors and fearless gladiators? And Trojan heroes fleeing their burning homeland to find the Promised Land, unknown Hesperia, which was foretold to rule the earth? And of course, what parent would not like his child to enjoy an ancient lore, and those stories that have struck our imaginations for two thousand years, and to learn to read and write the language of the aristocracy and the academic elite?

On a more pragmatic side, the benefits of Latin are many: first, a student’s linguistic ability and vocabulary will increase naturally, as they will closely study English-Latin derivatives and grammatical structure – a topic not studied in any other language class. Second, the student will be able to take numerous prestigious and internationally recognized exams, administered for each level annually; namely, National Latin Exam, etymology, vocabulary, and mythology exams, AP Latin and Seal of Bi-literacy in Latin exams. Lastly, the student will be able to become a part of the thriving community – Junior Classical League – to participate in numerous competitions and conventions and to earn important credentials for their college application.



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Dr. Meerson Michael

Dr. Michael Meerson has Ph.D. degree in Classical Philology (Latin and Greek), and an MA and BA in History and Archeology. He is a native Russian speaker who knows Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, German, Greek and English.