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Sharpen Your English Writing Skills! 5-6 gr

Intensive Writing
This course will have weekly writing assignments and some review of the basic tenets of writing. There also be advanced vocabulary studies and an expectation for the students to use the vocabulary in their writing. The advantages that summer study grants the student is that in the Fall, the student will be advanced from their peers, and prepared for the PSAT, SAT, ACT and other writing tests. All assignments submitted will be reviewed and returned promptly, for possible re-submission.

5-6 grade Friday 5:30-6:30


To enroll in this class go to our Moodle site, create a new account if you do not have one. When your account confirmed Login to the site, select you class end enroll.


Yuriy Karakashyan

I strongly believe that studying chess makes an extraordinary difference in forming children's analytical abilities and abstract thinking. It helps children to develop many skills that can be used in any field in the future.
I have loved chess since childhood, and studied in various chess programs for many years.
And chess helped me to graduate from high school with a gold medal, to complete the MS and PhD programs in Theoretical Physics with highest GPA and later the MS program in Computer Science with honors.
During 15 years of teaching chess I've developed many study programs for children of all ages with different chess experience. My classes are taught in small groups; this allows me to dedicate more time to each student when explaining new topics while giving more chances to compete when analyzing various positions.
While focusing on teaching chess to any interested child, I was fortunate to train a few outstanding young chess players.
Among them are Samritha Palakollu, 2nd place winner in 2009 World Youth Championship (Turkey; Girls under 8), 1st place in 2010 North American Youth Championship (Canada, Girls under 10) and Aravind Kumar, 2007 US Champion in the youngest section who later became FIDE Master at the age of 11!
They both studied in our chess program for 2-2.5 years. And when they reached high national results, we introduced them to the coaches of the US Junior team.
We also cooperate with Kasparov Chess Foundation and introduce our best students to Kasparov's school.
In July 2021, another former student Abhimanyu Mishra became The Youngest Grandmaster in Chess History at the age of 12 years 4 months and 25 days!
Abhi studied in our chess program in 2014 and won his very first Trophy in the Central Jersey tournament (Princeton, NJ) as a member of our team.
More information about our chess classes can be found on the website of Nonna Karakashyan ; my mother teaches chess to Russian-speaking students while I held chess classes in English

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