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Grade 5 This is a class for students who have thoroughly mastered addition and subtraction of numbers to 1000 using vertical algorithm as well as using mental calculation strategies; have deep knowledge of place value; know multiplication table up to 12 and related division facts, can solve multi-step word problems and have developed clear understanding of equivalent fractions. We will continue with addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions and decimals. Geometry moves from finding perimeters and areas of rectangles and squares to finding perimeters and areas of composite shapes, defining - points, rays, lines and line segments including parallel and perpendicular lines and types of angles and types triangles based on their angles and lengths of their sides. Every month students will practice and take MOEM Olympiad test. In addition, starting February we will include a series of NJ PARCC test-prep sessions

This is 10 lessons course. Each lesson 90 minutes. Cost $450.00


Dr. Orlov

Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics Experience: Taught Mathematics in Specialized High Schools in the USA since 1999, during that time, taught advanced mathematics courses and served as a Math OLYMPIAD Team Coach.

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