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Fall 2018 This class is for students who have mastered addition and subtraction with 3-digit numbers, demonstrated fluency in multiplication table and related division facts up to 10 and have basic understanding of fractions; In addition, students must demonstrate the ability to read, interpret and solve word problems involved with all four operations. We will learn all main concepts from a common core curriculum for 3 grade and some from a 4 grade. In addition, the teacher of this class is going to teach complex strategies for solutions of challenging word problems, for example, supposition and replacement methods. These interventions will include the following concepts and ideas: arithmetic progression, scale problems with symbols as elements of algebra, square and square numbers and will help students develop deep feeling and understanding of numbers.


Zoya Koza

As a math teacher I was very active in the implementation of the new math standards in NYC public schools for 20 years. I attended various math workshops offered by the DOE of NYC all affiliated with various New York City colleges. As a retired, 20 years veteran of NYC DOE I am very proud of these accomplishments.

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