Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Sundays, 10:45-12:15pm

Homework Hour: Tuesdays

Teacher: Mary Marvin

Assistant Teacher: Timothy Torubarov

Start date: 09/11.

No classes on Thanksgiving weekend. Winter break starts on 12/23.


     Students will now move into proper Algebra, deepening the topics they learned in Prealgebra – distributing will now be done with fractions and negatives, exponents will be continued, and they will learn how to set up and solve harder linear equations.  Inequalities and absolute value will be studied.  Many word problems involve rate, ratio, percentage, and speed, i.e.,

topics from prealgebra will be studied.  The slope of a line, parallel and perpendicular lines and the equation of a line will be developed.  Equations, as they relate to the shape of a graph will be studied.


     To be accepted to this class students must have a deep understanding of the topics of fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio, rate, and distance-speed-time problems and be able to solve difficult word problems on these topics.

     In addition students must have command of the topics of PreAlgebra, including integers (+, - x, and dividing); simple exponents, distributing and then combining like terms, absolute values, algebraic substitution, and be able to turn a verbal phrase into an algebraic expression or equation and solve it. They should know how to form and solve a simple linear equation.

     They must have some basic geometry, e.g. area of triangles and composite shapes, angles of a triangle, and quadrilateral.