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Math 3

Math 3

Saturdays. 11:40-12:40pm

Teacher: Zoya Koza

Assistant Teacher: Eli Zislis

Homework Hour: Mondays,  6:30-7:30 pm

Start date of the spring semester: 01/07/2023

No classes on Memorial weekend. End on 06/19/2023

Total #23 weeks

Tuition is paid in two installments. The first installment is paid for classes from Jan 7th to  April 10th 2023

This year’s math objectives include the following:

  • Gain the skills to do mental math
  • Multiply two-digit numbers
  • Divide two-digit numbers
  • Understand, compare and identify fractions
  • Interpret charts and graphs

Zoya Koza

As a math teacher I was very active in the implementation of the new math standards in NYC public schools for 20 years. I attended various math workshops offered by the DOE of NYC all affiliated with various New York City colleges. As a retired, 20 years veteran of NYC DOE I am very proud of these accomplishments.

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