Math 5 Adv

Class title: Math 5 Advanced

For advanced 5th graders

Head Teacher: Mrs. Zoya Koza

Assistant Teacher: Eli  Zislis.



Twice a week:

Saturdays, 10:30-11:45am

Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm 



Winter/Spring semester 2022

Start date 01/04 

No classes on 04/16, 04/19, 05/28, 05/31.

Math 5 Advanced Curriculum. The placement test is required to join this class.

Curriculum and requirements:

The foundation of this class is built on the Singapore Math system, specifically this year we will be using Challenging Word Problems 5 book in the Singapore Math System series of books. In addition, various Olympian math sources and materials will be used for this class to help students to further explore and master the craft of the Art of problem solving. All  materials that will be used for this class are at least 1 year ahead of the math curriculum used in New Jersey day schools. Thus, the 6th graders are also welcomed to this class. However, all students accepted to this class must have some prior prepping in the Singapore Math System, specifically in the Art of Problems Solving curriculum presented in the series of Challenging word Problems books 1-4. In addition students must take the assessment test. Parents should not help and not all problems on the assessment must be solved in order to be accepted to this class. However, the student must explain her/his solution to each of at least 5 problem that they would choose to solve.


Zoya Koza

As a math teacher I was very active in the implementation of the new math standards in NYC public schools for 20 years. I attended various math workshops offered by the DOE of NYC all affiliated with various New York City colleges. As a retired, 20 years veteran of NYC DOE I am very proud of these accomplishments.