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Math 4

Class title: Math 4

Teacher: Mrs. Mary Marvin


Mondays, 5:15-6:00PM


Why do we promote the Singapore math system

We advocate for the Singapore math system because this math system teaches a model approach (visual representation of the given information) to the solution of the multi-step word problems. In addition to the model approach, it employs many other carefully crafted strategies such as supposition and restate and replace, systematic listing, all targeting the same goal: teach children to think spatially and logically at very early ages.  

What math resources do we use

 Challenging Word problems series of books, Brain Math volume 1, Beast Academy series of practice books, Unleash Math Olympian in You, beginner’s level. 

How do we engage students in the process of learning 

 We encourage children to make sense of problems, to persevere in solving them, to reason abstractly and quantitatively, we also engage them in a group discussion and in a critique of the reasoning of others. 



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