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Classes coming to your home! 

School-Plus supplements the basic school curriculum and enhances students' performance by giving them the confidence and desire to explore academics beyond the classroom. Your child will  learn from  first-class teachers with  classmates in a small virtual class. Looking for challenge? Help? School-plus virtual classes provide both.


What are virtual classes? They are online classes in a synchronous e-learning environment that allows students to interact with their teacher and with each other in real-time as if they were physically in an onsite classroom together.

Students learn in a virtual classroom with real teachers and real classmates in real-time from their homes. All classes are interactive—students engage in discussions with their teachers and classmates, and they write, type, and draw on a virtual whiteboard. 


To learn more about our virtual program, please read the interview with SchoolPlus founding director. 

Read more about SchoolPlus: "What do we mean by Enrichment Math Program?", "What do we mean by Enrichment English Program?"




We are committed to offering the best educational experience for your child. In order to ensure that your child is enrolled in a class that is challenging but not overwhelming, we request that you try a free lesson. This will give the student and teacher the opportunity to interact together in a classroom environment. Based on the teacher's evaluation, we will recommend the appropriate class for your child. 


Please click on the link below to sign up for a free lesson and you will be redirected to the SchoolPlus registration form. 


Please fill in one form for each child and include the details on the class or classes you are interested in. We will contact you to set up your free lesson.


The virtual class is over. What is next? How to be ready for the next class?

Practice is not a drill. The homework might be one challenging problem but solving the problem reinforces what has been taught in class, prepares children for new, upcoming material, and gives them the valuable opportunity to think longer and more deeply about the subject. The best way to learn is to combine the virtual class with continuation of learning during week via online communication with teacher, and practice – in the real sense of the word – on one’s own. Read full article



"Our daughter attended SchoolPlus in Queens, NY.  We loved the school and so when we relocated to Seattle we were very sad to lose access to SchoolPlus' unique approach to learning.  Other enrichment programs in Seattle were not the same.  We were thrilled when SchoolPlus announced virtual classes and we joined right away.  Together with a school friend in Seattle and cousin from the East coast we formed a small class." Read More

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