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Your child will  learn from  first-class teachers with  classmates in a small virtual class. Looking for challenge? Help? Schoolplus virtual classes provide both. The exciting new technology connects your child to meaningful education provided by excellent teachers. Students learn in a virtual classroom with a real teacher and real classmates in real-time from their home. All classes are interactive —students engage in discussion with their teachers and classmates, and they write, type and draw on a virtual whiteboard. 


To learn more about our virtual program, please read the interview with SchoolPlus founding director. SchoolPlus supplements basic school curriculum and enhance students' performance by giving them the confidence and desire to explore academics beyond the classroom. Read more about SchoolPlus: "What do we mean by Enrichment Math Program?" , "What do we mean by Enrichment English Program?"





We offer challenging enrichment math classes for students of all ages, capacities, and interests. We challenge students preparing for Olympiad or SAT and help those who need to keep up with their school math. Our goal is to develop a love for problem-solving regardless of student’s age, level, and ability. 

In 21st century students are expected not only to read but also to analyze text. We build these skills by reading and discussing stories, poems and articles; and by teaching students to express and describe their thoughts. Our students feel comfortable with various essay assignments, written components of standardized tests and their personal writing. 


The virtual class is over. What is next? How to be ready for the next class?

Practice is not a drill. The homework might be one challenging problem but solving the problem reinforces what has been taught in class, prepares children for new, upcoming material, and gives them the valuable opportunity to think longer and more deeply about the subject. The best way to learn is to combine the virtual class with continuation of learning during week via online communication with teacher, and practice – in the real sense of the word – on one’s own. Read full article..



"Our daughter attended SchoolPlus in Queens, NY.  We loved the school and so when we relocated to Seattle we were very sad to lose access to SchoolPlus' unique approach to learning.  Other enrichment programs in Seattle were not the same.  We were thrilled when SchoolPlus announced virtual classes and we joined right away.  Together with a school friend in Seattle and cousin from the East coast we formed a small class." Read More

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Evaluation and Enrollment Procedure​

How to enroll? Once we receive your application, we will invite you to an introductory free class, “Meet Your Teacher and the class.” Student and teacher have an opportunity to interact together in a classroom environment.

As a result of the introductory class, a student will be placed into  the appropriate class based on his/her current knowledge level and we'll e-mail you all the information how to access  the class.

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